Editor Enhancement Toolkit: Module Overview

The module formally known as “Enhance the Editor Experience” is now known as the “Editor Enhancement Toolkit”; it has been refactored and includes cool new features. The source can be downloaded from GitHub and the module is available on Sitecore’s Marketplace.

The “Editor Enhancement Toolkit” is based on my “MySpace the Content Editor” blog trilogy. The concepts are similar but the code, features, and approach have improved.

What benefits does this module provide you and your Sitecore implementation?

The module was initially created as a tool to improve a content author’s experience editing content in the Content Editor as well as the Experience Editor. It’s useful in disguising architectural mistakes, but shouldn’t be used as an excuse to purposely make poor decisions. Continue reading “Editor Enhancement Toolkit: Module Overview”

Sitecore Hackathon 2017 – An Hour by Hour Chronicle

I finally decided to participate in my first Sitecore Hackathon this year and I am excited.  I’ve vaguely remember hearing about them in the past, but I never considered participating in one before.  It is a new year and new adventures await.  I named my team the Justice League of Sitecore; it’s appropriate after all, I’ve grown up a huge fan of DC’s superheroes.

I recruited two very talented Perficent Sitecore developers to share in this experience, Bill Cacy and Scott Stocker.  Although this year has a record turnout, I’m not phased; I am confident in our abilities and we will do great. Continue reading “Sitecore Hackathon 2017 – An Hour by Hour Chronicle”