Get to Know Your Sitecore Utilities & Other Tools – Part 1: Valid Item Naming

As you may know, I spend a lot of my free time exploring Sitecore’s tools, utilities and the rest of its inner workings. I find it fun understanding how various pieces of Sitecore works. If you ask my wife about my love of everything Sitecore, she’d roll her eyes. Kathy would tell you she wishes I showed the same passion to learn how to safely and properly handle the various (deadly🛠) tools in our garage.

Think of me as Tim from Home Improvement. Tim knew more about tools than I and he also got injured more. I too have had many close calls, lil’blood loss, stitches and lots of bruises🤕. It’s important to understand what you’re working with; if you don’t, you could find yourself in a bind.

Learn everything you can about Sitecore, front and back, inside and out. While you are doing that, you should also get familiar with the basics like the Sitecore’s Utilities. You don’t have to use the code the Sitecore devs worked hard creating for us, but without knowing Sitecore’s most basic functionality, you could be missing out on learning something new and possibly cool.

I will show you three approaches that try to accomplish the basic task of making a friendly Sitecore item name. I will cover two different Sitecore Utility methods along with our trusty pal, Regex. Continue reading “Get to Know Your Sitecore Utilities & Other Tools – Part 1: Valid Item Naming”

Choosing the Right Commerce Solution for your Sitecore Implementation

I prefer to do all my commerce activities online and I wish my daughter would as well. The thought of taking my teenage daughter shopping frightens me to my core😱. Not only am I extremely uncomfortable in that setting but it also completely ruins my plans for the day. How anyone can enjoy spending multiple hours in a mall; I honestly can’t see how that is possible.

Long ago, when I was a teenager I hated the mall experience but unfortunately Amazon was in its infancy and their product selection was not as diverse as it is today. I would often dream about the future where I never had to leave the house to shop. It took well over a decade, but that dream is now reality. Today almost everything can be purchased from a commerce site with minimal human interaction and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Online commerce is the present and future of shopping so it’s imperative that the right commerce software is selected. We need to be sure that the software will easily mesh seamlessly with Sitecore. There are many commerce options on the market to choose from, but how do you pick the right one for your implementation? Hopefully the choice is made prior to development and it needs to fit the overall strategy.

I cannot stress enough how important this decision is since the Commerce piece is. Done correctly, the company should be able to recoup its initial investment and eventually generate a profit💰💰. I hope to help provide some useful information and make choosing the right commerce product easier. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Commerce Solution for your Sitecore Implementation”