About Eric Stafford

Who is Eric Stafford?

I’ve been a Sitecore Certified Developer since 2006. I immediately fell in love with Sitecore and I’ve been happily architecting and developing innovative web sites since.

I am an avid blogger; my goal is two blogs a month and I can sometimes make that goal.  I also active on TwitterLinkedIn, sometimes you can catch me on the Sitecore Chat channel on Slack, and you can even watch my Vlogs on YouTube.  I’ve also been known to speak at local Sitecore user groups around the Cleveland region and hopefully I can expand to other cities and then the world!  I also contribute to open source projects during my free time.

When asked “What do you like to do for fun in your free time? Do you even have free time?”, I am quick to respond with “developing, Sitecore, developing with Sitecore, blogging about Sitecore, staying up to date with .net and C#… Yes, I have ‘some’ free time… maybe”. Yes, I do have fun occasionally.

I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, Kathy and my High School attending, straight A, National Honor Society member, Varsity Track, Varsity Tennis athlete, HOSA superstar daughter, Mia. I also love running around with our pack of three (soon four) dogs and chilling with our flock of three chickens. Depending on my mood, I can even sometimes tolerate spending time with other loved ones, lol.

My hobbies include anything involving creating art such as coding (Yeah I consider that an art form), drawing, painting, sculpting, wood working and building furniture.  To the dismay of my wife, Kathy, I also enjoy starting large remodeling projects at home and never finishing them, for instance, my office.

Interested in following the adventures of Kathy and myself as we destroy and reassemble our 100+ year old house?  Kathy is the expert and I’m the moron, so how long can I continue to avoid serious injury? Odds are against me.  When I do, I will blog about it… visit That Stafford House and see what we are up to this summer.

Enjoy my blogs and wish you could experience more of my wit? Of course, who wouldn’t!? Good news, it’s your lucky day! You can follow me on TwitterLinkedIn, in the Sitecore Chat channel on Slack, and on my YouTube channel where you can enjoy my Sitecore Vlogs.