Apple’s LivePhotosKit, Sitecore & Glass: Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Basics

April 20th, Apple released LivePhotosKit JS API that includes web support to the public.  In my opinion it’s about time.  If you are not aware of what a “Live Photo” is… please take a seat, hold tight and prepare to have your mind blown as I explain this simple concept! LOL.

A “Live Photo” is essentially a photo… PLUS MORE!  When activated, the photo switches over to play a short video that was recorded slightly before and after the picture was captured. Apple essentially combined 2 existing technologies and with the help of their great marketing team, they made this technology sound like it was new and innovative.

It’s a Doggy Birthday Extravaganza caught on vid… Live Photo!

How to obtain Live Photo assets.

It’s easy and straight forward if you’re using a Mac, not so much for Windows, I assume. The Window’s instructions had a lot of words, I can’t read so I lost interest. Click here to go to the LivePhotoKit JS Framework and API Reference page.  Once there, scroll down to the section “How to obtain Live Photo assets”.

Understanding what a “Live Photo” is.

What does a “Live Photo” consist of?  They’re actually pretty simple, Live Photos are composed of two files, a jpg and a mov.  These create the motion pictures.

Further Reading:

Chapter 2:  This post is ready.  Click here to learn how to create a custom Sitecore field that handles the image and movie file.  The field will also allow you to preview the “Live Image”. Eventually it will also allow some of the LivePhotosKit API options to be edited.

Chapter 3:  “Apple’s LivePhotosKit, Sitecore & Glass: Chapter 3 – Rendering the ‘Live Photo’ field with Glass”

Chapter 4: “Apple’s LivePhotosKit, Sitecore & Glass: Chapter 4 – Editing the ‘Live Photo’ field in the EE with Glass”

Source Code Update: I am hoping to be complete with all the source code by Friday, but if I am not, it will be available Monday.

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