Understanding Glass: The issue with the Editable Method and Paragraph Tag

Remember that time when developing for the Page Editor (now known as the Experience Editor or “EE” for short) was an afterthought or often just outright ignored? If you are like me, you’ve buried those memories hoping to forget those days even existed. Today, having a friendly Experience Editor… experience is one of the more important aspects of a successful Sitecore implementation. Whether the client has plans on using personalization, xMarketing, etc. or not, neglecting the EE is a huge mistake that’s still commonly made.

For a long time, I ignored the Page Editor. I admit it, albeit shamefully. My attention was elsewhere and some (unintentional) bad habits developed circa 2006 lasted longer than others. It wasn’t until I began my career at Paragon Consulting, Inc. in 2014 that I corrected those bad habits. I became fully aware of my sins against Sitecore’s standards and best practices and in the years since I’ve made the EE one of my main areas of focus. Continue reading “Understanding Glass: The issue with the Editable Method and Paragraph Tag”