Don’t Let a Datasource Error Delay Your Weekend of LARPing

It’s 4:59PM Friday afternoon and your long work week is almost over; one minute away from 48 hours of non-stop, fun-filled, Mountain Dew fueled LARPing.  Just as you stand up to leave, your work phone rings and it’s your favorite client.  Going against your better judgement you decide to be nice and answer.

“Help Hasagn Sailorslayer!  Thoust Dragon Smaug breathed fire on our site and tis no more!”… the client says while speaking with a horrible British accent. “I swear, all I did was a publish and now the entire site is erroring!”.

The client provides you with all the vague, helpless information you’ve come to expect and now your weekend of throwing lightning bolts may be delayed.

After a half hour and a couple hundred “WTFs” you remember Sitecore troubleshooting basics.  You check the logs and find an object reference error on the “Main Navigation”; somehow the client deleted the Main Navigation’s datasource item while ignoring common sense and Sitecore’s warnings.  You restore the deleted item and the crisis has been adverted, the client is happy and you begin to rethink the client’s request of needing full admin privileges.

There are a lot of ways we could prevent this error from happening. Continue reading “Don’t Let a Datasource Error Delay Your Weekend of LARPing”