Sitecore Symposium 2017: A Brief Introduction to xConnect

A couple hours ago, the 2017 Sitecore Symposium officially kicked off with a fantastic keynote by Sitecore CEO Mark Frost. Sitecore 9 is officially here and the entire Sitecore community’s excitement level is at an all time high! (Excitement levels determined by the data collected, sent to Cortex using xConnect.)

I feel like an excited little Superboy, sleepily opening gifts on a wintery Ohio Christmas morning in 1984. Flash forward 33 years, I am now an excited little Sitecore Superman, sleepily opening Sitecore 9 on a hot, Las Vegas afternoon.

Sitecore 9 comes with a lot of new exciting features. With so much to choose from, I decided to take a Pre-Symposium boot camp focusing on xConnect and Data Exchange Framework, I also plan on attending all the xConnect seminars this week.

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