Choosing the Right Commerce Solution for your Sitecore Implementation

I prefer to do all my commerce activities online and I wish my daughter would as well. The thought of taking my teenage daughter shopping frightens me to my coređŸ˜±. Not only am I extremely uncomfortable in that setting but it also completely ruins my plans for the day. How anyone can enjoy spending multiple hours in a mall; I honestly can’t see how that is possible.

Long ago, when I was a teenager I hated the mall experience but unfortunately Amazon was in its infancy and their product selection was not as diverse as it is today. I would often dream about the future where I never had to leave the house to shop. It took well over a decade, but that dream is now reality. Today almost everything can be purchased from a commerce site with minimal human interaction and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Online commerce is the present and future of shopping so it’s imperative that the right commerce software is selected. We need to be sure that the software will easily mesh seamlessly with Sitecore. There are many commerce options on the market to choose from, but how do you pick the right one for your implementation? Hopefully the choice is made prior to development and it needs to fit the overall strategy.

I cannot stress enough how important this decision is since the Commerce piece is. Done correctly, the company should be able to recoup its initial investment and eventually generate a profit💰💰. I hope to help provide some useful information and make choosing the right commerce product easier.

Sitecore Commerce

Product: Sitecore Commerce


  • Create and edit personalized shopping experiences
    The web-based and touch-enabled dashboard lets you create rich personalized experiences with content, product pages, search, email, and mobile. Edit products and content in the context of the device they are intended for, while previewing how different audiences will see different experiences—a first for merchandisers.
  • Test everything, optimize everything
    Every new or edited experience is automatically tested against previous versions, similar content, and promotions. Test checkout, shipping options, content, and then optimize, test, and repeat. Audiences and segments can also be optimized for engagement—you just review and approve them. Content, promotion, and merchandising recommendations are paired with automated and manual segments of customers for a best match.
  • Know every customer
    Personalize every customer’s experience by adapting to their needs in context. The Experience Database captures preferences, behavior, and persona matches for every single customer, and every individual experience. A customer’s Experience Profile captures all commerce behavior such as carts, orders, and search criteria, and when combined with other digital behavior, makes for a powerful experience.
  • Commerce experience management in the cloud
    Sitecore Commerce can run on Azure and with Sitecore XP and Sitecore¼ Web Experience Manager Cloud Editions, which removes an enormous amount of setup and configuration and configuration yet delivers all the same value as Sitecore XP on Azure—you sign up and immediately start developing your solution.

Additional features

  • Commerce automation with flowchart-based rules include commerce marketing actions like cart abandonment, customer nurture, and follow-up plans that help with a purchase and guides the next
  • Full-faceted commerce search, compatible with Lucene, Solr, and Coveo, fuses structured commerce content and unstructured web content
  • Entitlements provide personalized offers, products, or digital access to different customers
  • Manage and sell digital goods along with physical goods, even in the same order
  • Translation, localization, and governance for multilingual brands and shoppers
  • Adaptable inventory handling lets you define rules for stock-outs, pre-orders, and back orders, which are easily integrated with backend ERP systems
  • 360-degree customer profiles in Sitecore XP offer one single knowledge repository of customer interaction data
  • Workflow and governance for product updates, promotions, and rich media
  • Order Manager provides a touch-interface for service representatives or staff to edit and manage orders. Search by name, not just receipt or ID.
  • Three-dimensional secure tokenized payments
  • Supports multiple product catalogs
  • Basket and order definition are configurable with extensible integration points to all major payment, shipping, and tax providers

Contact Sitecore for Pricing Information

Target Audience
B2C, B2B

Sitecore Commerce in action
Customers increasingly demand a more seamless, personalized experience from brands—before, during, and after the transaction. Click here to see it in action and learn more!




  • Fast time to market: Get your solution online in no time with the new UCommerce Accelerator Storefront.
  • Open and extendable: Customize UCommerce in any way you want with our open and well-documented API.
  • Easy to manage: Easily manage all your stores, catalogs, products and content in one platform.
  • Stellar support: It is not only about the software but also about the people involved. We hold your hand all the way.

Sitecore Accelerator for Integrated Commerce
Click here to learn more.

Enterprise: $5300 – $7000/Year Per Production Server

Target Audience
B2C and B2B

Documentation of Sitecore Commerce Connect
UCommerce does have documentation covering Sitecore Commerce Connect it isn’t abundant, but any amount of documentation is a plus in my opinion. They also have documented API.

Sean Mckaharay wrote a in-depth review. It’s a good read so please go check it out!



The leading .NET Built for B2Bℱ platform is engineered to meet the ever-changing demands of businesses. InsiteCommerce takes business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce to the next level with its scalable, robust architecture and deep integration capabilities.


Sitecore Accelerator for Integrated Commerce
Click here to learn more.

For Pricing Info, Contact Insite

Target Audience



AspDotNetStorefront is offered as a service or a product. Using it as a product is recommended for enterprise companies who welcome the freedom to completely customize the product and host it in any environment of their choosing. This offers total independence and puts decisions about upgrades, security and performance in the hands of your corporation.

When you buy AspDotNetStorefront as a Product, the download includes access to full source code in C#.


  • PCI (PA-DSS) certified
  • Mobile-friendly store template
  • Efficient, modern checkout interface
  • Easy, updated admin console
  • Responsive – Bootstrap framework
  • View our portfolio of stores 
  • Many payment gateways built-in
  • And More!

As a Product: $5,500 / Lifetime License

Sitecore Accelerator for Integrated Commerce
Click here to learn more.

Target Audience
B2C, B2B

Sitecore and AspDotNetStorefront
Integrating these two products is possible. Back in 2013 I had the opportunity to integrate them and it wasn’t incredibly difficult even without a connector. The ASPDNSF’s web service was not great at the time; luckily the boss man and client decided to keep both Sitecore and ASPDNSF on the same servers; the same with the databases. This simplified development. To learn more about my experience using these products together, read Sitecore Commerce: Before My Wondrous Adventure Begins, A Little Nostalgia.

Developers: The Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild is Here for You

Sitecore Commerce is a hot topic and is getting hotter every second. The Sitecore community benefits the most when people actively participate. Chris Williams and myself are relatively new to Commerce and we started the mentoring guild to help others as we learn.

Whether you are an expert or a novice, everybody can help mentor, answer questions and help in other ways. The guild is there to help everyone.  Have a question or need advice? Please ask the group, someone will have the answer and gladly help.

Participation is easy!
Join the Mentoring Guild on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. The Guild members are also extremely active on the #ecommerce channel on Slack. If you need an invite, please message @erickstafford or @sitecoreguild and we will help.

Non-Developers: Experts are Here to Guide You from the Start

Prior to the start of a project, development of a solid strategy that encompasses all aspects of your Sitecore Implementation is extremely vital. This goes beyond choosing a commerce solution the development team believes would be easy and quick to implement. The needs of the business should lay the guidelines of choosing the Commerce software.

As a developer, my knowledge of the magic that happens prior to my involvement is somewhat a mystery and I hope that changes. That said, I do know failing to develop a solid strategy at the beginning that is tailored to the client’s needs has the potential to cause devastating consequences that will reverberate through the finished product for years to come.

Questions? Don’t be shy, the willingness to seek guidance is a noble trait.
At Arke, the experts are eager to guide you from the very beginning to the end. They will help create the optimal strategy that fits your company and they will also ensure that all facets are accounted for to meet your goals. Contact me for more details.

Third Party Commerce Accelerators

Sitecore Accelerator Framework for Integrated Commerce – SAFIC

Some of the key feature additions are:

  • SAFIC can now be used with any eCommerce platform with an open API
  • Guest user checkout is fully supported, allowing out of the box support for both B2B and B2C deployments.
  • Multi-site support allows SAFIC users to take full advantage of their architecture; realizing easier content sharing, enhanced search and analytics options and lower CMS licensing costs.
  • Supports multi-site product synchronization and provides for multiple product images per product.
  • SAFIC’s upgraded theming engine provides a highly customizable design platform supporting multi-level theme templating for both B2B and B2C sites.
  • The cart retention feature allows both guest and authenticated users to continue their shopping experience when they return after leaving the store.
  • Consolidated search brings together content and product search into a single and intuitive interface, providing a simplified, predictive user search experience.

To learn more about the SAFIC, click here!

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