LivePhotosKit API, Sitecore & Glass Integration: Demoing the Functionality and Code

These videos should be beneficial to those developers who want to make custom Sitecore fields that can be rendered and edited with Glass.  I am still in the process of cleanup and code refactoring.  I also am going to attempt to improve the documentation of the code.  As I have mentioned before, I am a perfectionist and this “Proof of Concept” is not up to my standards… yet.  I got into a little fight with a few small bugs last night and that battle’s remnants are still scattered throughout the solution.  However, the code will still be available in its non-pristine condition.

I mentioned in the first video I would be uploading 2 Demos, however, to keep the videos shorter, I broke them up into 4 videos.  As usual, I didn’t stop Vlogging/Blogging for unimportant tasks, like sleeping, eating, moving…  I was exhausted and in my opinion, you can hear the grogginess in my voice set in on the Demo 3 video.

The Live Photo Demo Video Series
What else are you doing that could possibly be more important than watching my Vlogs?  🙂

Live Photo – Demo 1: Experience Editor and Content Editor. 
This video gives you a step by step walk through of how to edit a Live Photo using the new Live Photo field using the Experience Editor as well as the Content Editor.  *I mention there was going to be only two video demos, but the videos were longer than anticipated.  I divided them into 4 separate videos to save you from possible, overwhelming boredom… or excitement.

Live Photo – Demo 2: Creating the Custom Field in Sitecore.
In this demo, I quickly explain (in under four minutes) how to create the custom field in Sitecore.  Demo 3 covers the field’s code.

Live Photo – Demo 3:  Hooking up the Glass Data Mapper, coding the Sitecore Live Photo Field Control and hooking up the Menu and WebEdit Buttons.
This demo covers some of the more important concepts that deserve a blog of their own.  That next on my list.

Live Photo – Demo 4: Rendering and Editing the Live Photo Field with Glass
Finally, the more intriguing Live Photo demo. I finally walk through the code required to render and edit a custom field using Glass.

‘Live Photo’ Series: Integrating LivePhotosKit, Sitecore & Glass
Missed a post or have you avoided this entire series?   Lucky for you, I’ve included them below!

Download the Source Code

Github: LivePhotosKit API, Sitecore & Glass Integration

Apologies about the Video Quality
I apologize about the video’s ‘questionable’ sound and editing quality.  I promise these will improve.  All the good software trial periods have expired and I haven’t decided which program to purchase.  I also need a better mic; Apple’s earphones aren’t cutting it.

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