Sitecore Hackathon 2017 – An Hour by Hour Chronicle

I finally decided to participate in my first Sitecore Hackathon this year and I am excited.  I’ve vaguely remember hearing about them in the past, but I never considered participating in one before.  It is a new year and new adventures await.  I named my team the Justice League of Sitecore; it’s appropriate after all, I’ve grown up a huge fan of DC’s superheroes.

I recruited two very talented Perficent Sitecore developers to share in this experience, Bill Cacy and Scott Stocker.  Although this year has a record turnout, I’m not phased; I am confident in our abilities and we will do great.

T-minus 4 hours.  I’m not nervous, I am extremely excited though.

Patiently waiting…

Better eat something I guess… I don’t plan on eating again till this thing is over.

BOOM!   The 4 categories just dropped and they are not what I was expecting. Decisions…  Hmmm, what’s #5?

Patiently……………. waiting ………………….. where’s my teammates?

Hey, my Team has arrived, luckily they are great Sitecore’ers since punctuality isn’t their thing.  Not my fault they have a life and I don’t.  LOL, JK. Let the brainstorming begin!

Finally settled on an idea, tasks assigned and development finally begins.

Things are progressing nicely… so far.  Still wide awake.

Solution Issues.  What do you mean I didn’t reference that correctly!  I call BS.

Now I am experiencing weird Sitecore issues…  My custom items are unclickable… don’t like where tonight is headed.

Sleepy Scott went to bed.  I’m done troubleshooting these stupid issues, time for a new Sitecore instance!

A new instance of Sitecore is up and finally running smoothly, I am starting to accomplished a lot, yay to medium sized victories!

Ugh, vanilla MVC is so repetitive and annoying.  I regret not listening to Jon Upchurch instructing me to take the time to set up Ignition 2.0… Kinda sucks developing without it and it would have sped up everything!

Codez r blurry… wait, is this code?  Idk, guess it’s time to sit a little further away from the monitor.  Eyes are crossed.

Initial Testing and the code is not playing nice!

I am honestly regretting a lot of my choices… not life choices, but the Hackathon choices.  Is it too late to start over?  I’m just a lil’crabby from the lack of sleep.   Going on 27 hours without any. Wish I could say working insane hours was new to me, however, I’ve pulled a few 72 hour ‘work days’ when I was younger… back in 2013.

Well, well, my well rested teammate has finally awoken from his slumber. “I was sleeping and it was great”, he says.  I actually LOL’d.  Thank god, he’s back.  We need a clear head and someone to take charge and prioritize the remaining tasks.

9:00AM – 10:30AM:
OMG, Longest, most pointless meeting ever…. Aren’t most meetings like that though? I left wondering what was achieved.

So I finally figured out how to accomplish a concept I started working on back in 2014.  I didn’t actually spend the last 3 years working on it… I basically shelved it for the much of that time. Ha.  Chances are that my unique concept is not so unique… sigh, everything’s been done to some degree. Not to be too arrogant, but I tend to always improve it and make it more flexible and awesome in general. 😉

Almost time to write up some documentation and create a video.  :\   My Fav!  Thank God Scott chose to write the documentation, I don’t mind making my second video ever.

Decided to check my pulse and blood pressure.  Surprised it’s not worse, but it’s definitely not good.  141/101 69 BPM.  Not to worry, It’s been 120/80 all this week.

2:00PM – 4:00PM:
A stupid error has wasted valuable time on one of the most important features… super stoked… 😐

4:00PM – 5:00PM:
Wrapping up. That poor little hamster that ran and ran on that wheel in my head has sadly passed and my brain is now barely functional. Maybe I should have took more than an occasional minute break… maybe if I actually ate something, that might have helped…  All I know is I ran into some Kryptonite and I did my best to fight through it.  I am a perfectionist and it’s tough to accept mediocre work.  Bright side, I’ll be back participating in 2018!

Justice League of Sitecore